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Subject: People in Work

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  • Labour Disputes - Annual Article, 2013 17-Jul-2014
    Analysis of the three main measures of labour disputes
  • Regional Labour Market, July 2014 16-Jul-2014
    Employment, unemployment, inactivity, jobs and the Claimant Count for regions, local authorities and parliamentary constituencies.
  • Single Month Labour Force Survey Estimates, July 2014 (Not Designated as National Statistics) 16-Jul-2014
    These single month LFS analyses have been produced as a tool to assist in understanding the movements in the published three month average LFS estimates. These estimates are not designated as National Statistics.
  • UK Labour Market, July 2014 16-Jul-2014
    Labour market statistics (including employment, unemployment and economic inactivity) for the United Kingdom.
  • Regional Economic Indicators, July 2014 08-Jul-2014
    Regional Economic Indicators is an annual article providing an overview of the economic performance of UK regions and countries. The article includes analysis of regional/country data on economic output, productivity, incomes and the labour market. The drivers of regional productivity are also discussed with regional/country data provided covering the topics of innovation, enterprise, competition and skills.
  • UK Wages Over the Past Four Decades - 2014 03-Jul-2014
    This report analyses changes in real earnings between 1975 and 2013. The report uses cohort analysis to track the real earnings of different groups of employees as well as averages by age to compare male and female earnings. Distributional Analysis is also included to look at the effect of the recession and the effect of the National Minimum Wage. The final section of the report looks at regional comparisons of real earnings.

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