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Subtopic: Economic Value of Tourism

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  • Overseas Travel And Tourism, Provisional Results Q1 2014 10-Jul-2014
    Quarterly estimates of completed international visits to and from the UK and earnings and expenditure associated with these visits. The estimates are derived from the International Passenger Survey (IPS) conducted by ONS at all major air and Eurostar ports in the UK as well as on sea and Eurotunnel routes into and out of the UK.
  • The Regional Value of Tourism 2011 20-Feb-2014
    This report provides estimates of the value of tourism in regions of the UK and sub-regions (NUTS 2 and NUTS 3) of England and Wales.
  • The Economic Importance of Tourism: UK Tourism Satellite Accounts 2010 and 2011 13-Aug-2013
    The Tourism Satellite Account for the UK for the reference years 2010 and 2011. Revised figures for the 2008 and 2009 Tourism Satellite Accounts have also been included where there have been changes in methodology.
  • Characteristics of Workers in Tourism, 2011 06-Jun-2013
    This report charts the characteristics of workers in tourism characteristic industries in 2011 using data from the Annual Population Survey. The report provides breakdowns of age, sex, ethnicity, nationality, and qualifications of workers in these industries.
  • Special Events in 2012: Impact of the Diamond Jubilee and London 2012 Olympics on the UK Economy 17-May-2013
    The impact of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 on related economic time series. Looks at the Production, Construction, Services, Retail Sales and Labour Market series to determine which sectors of the economy were most affected. The article does not make any attempt to quantify the overall impact of these two events on economic growth, in line with the ONS Special Events policy.
  • Employment Characteristics of Tourism Industries, 2011 22-Mar-2013
    This release is part of a series of short articles about various aspects of employment in tourism characteristic industries in the UK.

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