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Subject: Births and Fertility

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  • Urban Audit - Comparing United Kingdom and European towns and cities, 2010-12 23-Jul-2014
    Urban Audit is a European Commission sponsored project to provide comparable data on urban areas. Urban Audit, 2010- 2012, includes 185 main variables for the UK and further derived figures based on these. More than 800 towns and cities are covered across the EU28, (plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey), 163 of which are in the UK. This article sets out to provide an overview of key variables linked to urban policy themes that are relevant to EU, national and local government.
  • Urban Audit - Perceptions of city life in the United Kingdom and Europe, 2012 23-Jul-2014
    Urban Audit is a European Commission sponsored project to provide comparable data on urban areas. The 2012 Perception Survey, complementary to the quantitative data, interviewed people in 79 cities (of which 6 are in the UK), asking what they think about many issues, including their city’s built environment, cultural facilities, pollution, and safety. This article looks at data for cities to assess how typical or otherwise perceptions in UK cities are compared with other European cities.
  • Births in England and Wales, 2013 16-Jul-2014
    Annual data of live births, fertility rates, percentage of births outside marriage, sex ratio, mean age of mother and country of birth of mother and father.
  • Conceptions in England and Wales, 2012 25-Feb-2014
    Annual statistics on conceptions to women usually resident in England and Wales. Provides estimated numbers of conceptions, conception rates and the percentage of conceptions leading to abortion by age of woman at conception.
  • Childbearing of UK and non-UK born women living in the UK - 2011 Census data 04-Feb-2014
    This article examines the fertility of women living in England and Wales in 2011, who were born outside the UK. 2011 Census data is combined with birth registrations to produce total fertility rates for a range of different groups.
  • Cohort Fertility, 2012 05-Dec-2013
    Fertility on year of birth of mother rather than the year of birth of child. Includes average number of live-born children and the proportion of women remaining childless by year of birth.

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