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  • Key Statistics and Quick Statistics for local authorities in the United Kingdom 11-Oct-2013
    This statistical bulletin presents key results for the UK population from the individual censuses of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The bulletin focuses on the topics of population, ethnicity, country of birth, health, housing and accommodation.
  • Chapter 4 - Housing and Consumer Durables (General Lifestyle Survey Overview - a report on the 2011 General Lifestyle Survey) 07-Mar-2013
    Data on Housing and Consumer Durables taken from the 2011 General Lifestyle Survey.
  • Measuring National Well-being: Life in the UK, 2012 20-Nov-2012
    Measuring National Well-being: Life in the UK 2012 provides a unique overview of well-being in the UK today. The report is the first snapshot of life in the UK to be delivered by the Measuring National Well-being programme and will be updated and published annually. Well-being is discussed in terms of the economy, people and the environment. Information such as the unemployment rate or number of crimes against the person are presented alongside data on people’s thoughts and feelings, for example, satisfaction with our jobs or leisure time and fear of crime. Together, a richer picture on ‘how society is doing’ is provided
  • General Lifestyle Survey Overview Report, 2009 (Pdf 473Kb) 27-Jan-2011
    PDF download. This report presents the latest information from the General Lifestyle Survey (GLF) for the 2009 calendar year. The report comprises a basic overview, covering the main topics of the survey, and tabular output for the Smoking

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