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Topic: Price Indices and Inflation

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  • Aerospace and Electronic Cost Indices, January 2014 (Excel sheet 142Kb) 15-Apr-2014
    Cost indices (purchase of materials and fuels, average weekly earnings, general expenses and combined costs) relating to four aerospace and electronics industries. The data are based on the Standard Industrial Classification SIC (2007) and are calculated on a base year of 2010=100. The indices are widely used by government and business as an authoritative source of information on inflation, cost adjusting and price variation in trading contracts. Indices for the latest two months are always provisional and flagged with a "p" marker due to the level of imputation present for items where the latest prices are not available. This level of imputation reduces significantly for earlier months, allowing index data to be published as firm values. Occasionally, new information produces a change in the value of an index already published as firm. Where change is significant, index values are recalculated and annotated with an "r" marker.
  • House Price Index, 2014 Weights Analysis (Excel sheet 74Kb) 15-Apr-2014
    Historical time series providing a high level summary of the annual mix-adjustment weights used in the production of the ONS House Price Index for the period 2011 to 2014. The weights used in the House Price Index are updated in the February HPI of each year.
  • House Price Index, February 2014: Annual Tables 20 to 39 (Excel sheet 1172Kb) 15-Apr-2014
    An annual update of various aspects of the UK housing market including house price inflation and distribution of mortgage advances. This House Price Index reference table contains 20 tables relating to the ONS House Price Index.
  • House Price Index, February 2014: Monthly & Quarterly Tables 1 to 19 (Excel sheet 3395Kb) 15-Apr-2014
    A full historical series for the monthly tables accompanying the February 2014 House Price Index Statistical Bulletin. This reference table also contains all the quarterly HPI live tables.
  • MM22 Producer Price Indices Reference Tables, March 2014 (Excel sheet 829Kb) 15-Apr-2014
    Produced monthly providing price movement data at all manufacturing, aggregated industry and product group level. It consists of data supplied from individual UK manufacturers, importers and exporters. The Reference Tables show price indices of: Materials & fuel purchased: all manufacturing & selected industries (Table 1)
  • PPI records March 2014 (Excel sheet 103Kb) 15-Apr-2014
    Input and output indices showing higher, lower and equal to.
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