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  • Overcrowding and Under-occupation in England and Wales 17-Apr-2014
    Occupancy ratings by household type in England and Wales, 2011 Census analysis. An occupancy rating shows whether a household is overcrowded or under-occupied. The analysis revealed that out of 23.4 million households, 1.1 million (4.5%) were overcrowded and that overcrowding was most likely to occur in socially rented (8.7%) and privately rented households (8.6%), compared to owner occupied (2.3%). However, most households (16.1 million) were under-occupied and 6.2 million had bedrooms at par with the standard. Owner occupied households were most likely to be under-occupied (82.7%), compared with privately rented (49.5%) and socially rented households (39.4%).
  • Labour Market Statistics, April 2014 16-Apr-2014
    Labour market statistics (including employment, unemployment and economic inactivity) for the United Kingdom.
  • Life Expectancy at Birth and at Age 65 by Local Areas in the United Kingdom, 2006-08 to 2010-12 16-Apr-2014
    2010-12 male and female period life expectancy at birth and at age 65 for the UK and local areas within the four constituent countries.
  • Reconciliation of Estimates of Jobs, April 2014 16-Apr-2014
    This report compares the latest Workforce Jobs (WFJ) estimates with the equivalent estimates of jobs from the Labour Force Survey (LFS). This is produced every quarter, when the latest WFJ estimates are released.
  • Regional Labour Market Statistics, April 2014 16-Apr-2014
    Employment, unemployment, inactivity, jobs and the Claimant Count for regions, local authorities and parliamentary constituencies.
  • Single Month Labour Force Survey Estimates, April 2014 (Not Designated as National Statistics) 16-Apr-2014
    These single month LFS analyses have been produced as a tool to assist in understanding the movements in the published three month average LFS estimates. These estimates are not designated as National Statistics.

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