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  • Public Sector Finances, September 2014 21-Oct-2014
    Indicators of UK government fiscal performance: Public Sector Current Budget Deficit (PSCB), Net Borrowing (PSNB), Net Debt (PSND) and PSND as a percentage of GDP.
  • EU Government Deficit and Debt Return, September 2014 17-Oct-2014
    The estimates in this release have been supplied to the European Commission by ONS in accordance with the schedules in the Excessive Deficit Procedure. Forecasts for future years are provided separately by HM Treasury.
  • International Comparisons of Productivity - First Estimates, 2013 17-Oct-2014
    An international comparison of labour productivity across the G7 nations, in terms of levels of and growth in GDP per hour and GDP per worker.
  • Maastricht Supplementary Data Tables, Q2 2014 17-Oct-2014
    This document describes the contents of the government finance statistics tables supplied to Eurostat, and is intended as a guide to users of the data. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is required to provide the European statistical agency (Eurostat) with detailed statistical information on government finance statistics, with particular focus on debt and deficit.
  • Childbearing by Registration Status in England and Wales, Using Birth Registration Data for 2012 and 2013 16-Oct-2014
    This article examines the characteristics of birth registrations occurring in England and Wales between 28th May 2012 and 31st October 2013. This period corresponds to the availability of new information on previous children and previous marriages for all women registering births, where previously this had only been available for married women. This article also presents comparisons between births registered by same sex female couples, or other registrations.
  • Crime in England and Wales, Year Ending June 2014 16-Oct-2014
    Crime statistics from the Crime Survey for England and Wales and police recorded crime.

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