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  • Balance of Payments, Q2 2014 30-Sep-2014
    A key macro-economic indicator as it measures the UK's financial flows with the rest of the world.
  • Consumer Trends, Data Tables, Q2 2014: PDF Version (Pdf 757Kb) 30-Sep-2014
    Consumer Trends Q2 2014 data tables. The estimates published in this workbook are consistent with Blue Book 14.
  • Consumer Trends, Q2 2014 30-Sep-2014
    Household Final Consumption Expenditure (HHFCE) for the UK, the main tables include all expenditure on goods and services by members of UK households
  • Index of Services, July 2014 30-Sep-2014
    The monthly movements in gross value added for the service industries, which overall account for around 78.4% of UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • National Accounts Classifications, Forward Workplan, September 2014 30-Sep-2014
    Classification workload for the year to September 2015.
  • Quarterly National Accounts, Q2 2014 30-Sep-2014
    Estimates of the key components of GDP from the output, income and expenditure approaches. Gross Domestic Product measures the chained volume index movements of the UK. The services sector accounts for more than three quarters of total gross domestic product. Figures are adjusted for seasonal variations unless otherwise stated and the reference year is 2011=100.

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