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Guide to copyright for maps

Copyright on maps: Introduction

Most maps within ONS are based on data supplied by Ordnance Survey.

Most of the products currently supplied are via the PSMA (Public Sector Mapping Agreement) which provides a number of geographic products to government departments.

There are currently also a small number of products supplied by other suppliers (details on this later in the document) and a few OS products supplied under OS OpenDataTM.

When does a copyright statement need to be used?

An appropriate copyright/attribution statement needs to be used whenever copyrighted material is used by ONS.

This applies to internal use as well as externally published or shared material.

All maps must contain an appropriate copyright statement, to ensure that the owner's intellectual property right is acknowledged.

Does the Open Government Licence (OGL) affect maps?

The OGL does not cover our maps as we use Ordnance Survey data on the majority of our maps.

Which copyright statement should I use?

There are a number of different statements which may apply depending on the supplier of the data.

For most ONS maps only OS data will be used, depending on whether you use PSMA or OpenData then different statements apply (see annex for list of products)

PSMA copyright statement:

© Crown copyright and database rights [year of supply] Ordnance Survey 100019153

Welsh version:

© Hawlfraint y Goron a hawliau cronfa ddata [year of supply] Arolwg Ordnans 100019153

OpenData copyright statement:

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right [year of supply]

Note: the majority of ONS Geography boundaries are derived from Boundary Line so are classed as OpenData. If you are not sure, then please contact ONS Geography Customer Services

PSMA and OpenData:

If the map contains both OpenData and PSMA data, then the PSMA statement should be used.

Contains Statistics data:

If the map contains statistics, then there should also be an additional ONS attribution statement (if its not already in the publication):

Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right [year]

Other PGA copyright statements:

There are a number of non-OS products which may be used to create maps (see annex for list of products) and the following statements apply:

Next Perspectives:

Licensed to: Office for National Statistics for PGA, through Next Perspectives™


© Crown copyright and database right [year]. Ordnance Survey Licence 100022432

Where do I go if I have a query regarding copyright?

Copyright can be confusing and the rules keep changing.

If you need help with copyright on maps please contact ONS Geography Customer Services 

Will the above guidance change?

The following developments affect the copyright rules we have to follow:

In April 2011 the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) replaced Pan Government Agreement (PGA).

The PSMA will only include OS products though and the the PGA agreement will still allow residual access to Next Perspectives data until March 2012 and Landmark data until March 2013.

Northern Ireland Data for Northern Ireland is not included in either the PGA, Opendata or the PSMA.

Ongoing discussions are being held with NISRA and LPS. When the situation is clear this document will be updated.

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