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Release: Measuring National Well-being, Measuring National Well-being: Self-reported financial situation, 2013

Released: 13 June 2013


Jen Beaumont

Measuring National Well-being Programme

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Categories: People and Places, Communities, Societal Wellbeing, Measuring Societal Well-being, Housing and Households, Households, Household Income and Expenditure, Economy, Personal Finances, Personal Income and Wealth

Frequency of release: Ad-hoc

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: UK

This article analyses by age two of the current measures of national well-being: ‘satisfaction with income’ and ‘those who are finding their financial situation quite or very difficult’ and their effects on and their relationship to well-being. There will also be some indication of change in perceived financial situation over time and other characteristics of individuals. The data used will be from Understanding Society, the UKHLS.

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