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Release: Measuring National Well-being, Domains and Measures - September 2013

Released: 24 September 2013


The unit of measurement for Human capital has been corrected to trillions instead of billions. This correction affects the Wheel of measures and the Domains and measures spreadsheet.

In addition Households with good transport access to key services or work was labelled with a percentage sign. This has been removed as the indicator should be expressed as an index where 2010 = 100. The figures themselves are unchanged.

Key points

The key points from this release are:
  • A ‘Population mental well-being’ measure has been added to the personal well-being domain.

  • A 'Median household income’ measure has been added to the personal finance domain and the ‘Real household actual income per head’ measure has been removed from the economy domain.

  • The calculation has changed for the ‘Has a spouse, family member or friend to rely on if they have a serious problem’ measure in the Our relationships domain.

  • In the Natural environment domain, the source for ‘Energy consumed within the UK from renewable sources’ has changed so the measure is on a UK territory basis.

  • Also published today

    National Well-being interactive wheel of measures – an interactive tool which includes the latest data for all measures (as available at August 2013) and a previous period for comparison.

    National Well-being interactive graph – an interactive tool showing a range of measures by region and country.

Information on the selected domains and indicators that measure National Well-being. Articles draw together social and economic data from a wide range of government departments and other organisations; they paint a broad picture of UK society today, and how it has been changing.
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