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Release: Human Capital Estimates, 2012

Released: 12 December 2013
  • Following substantial falls in 2010 and 2011, the value of the UK’s human capital stock began to stabilise in 2012.

  • In 2012 the value of the UK’s Employed Human Capital was £17.15 trillion; £68 billion lower than in 2011 (a fall of 0.4%).

  • The gap between the UK’s full human capital and employed human capital was the largest since estimates began in 2004 at £754 billion.

  • 34.7% of the human capital stock was embodied in the 25.3% of the population whose highest educational attainment was a degree or equivalent.

  • The total value of women’s human capital was around 59% of men’s.

  • The stock of human capital is disproportionately concentrated in younger workers.

Valuation of the UK's Human Capital stock
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