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Summary: UK Trade, September 2013

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Figure 1: Balance of UK Trade

Figure 1: Balance of UK Trade
Source: Office for National Statistics

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The deficit of trade in goods and services for September 2013 was £3.3 billion, unchanged when compared with the previous month.

The deficit on trade in goods was £9.8 billion in September 2013.  The trade position reflects exports minus imports.  Exports of goods decreased by 0.7% on the month to £25.1 billion for September 2013.  Imports for the same period rose 0.2% to £34.9 billion.

Exports of erratics which are defined as ships, aircraft, precious stones and silver decreased by 24.3% between August 2013 and September 2013.  Trade in oil can also be volatile, and this month imports of oil decreased by 10.1%.  When these erratic items are removed the exports of goods remained unchanged at £20.5 billion and imports rose by 1.6% to £29.2 billion.

In September 2013, exports of goods to the European Union (EU) decreased by £0.3 billion to £12.6 billion, reflecting falls in oil, chemicals and machinery.  Imports from the EU increased by £0.4 billion to £18.6 billion, with half the increase attributed to cars.  Overall the trade in goods balance with the EU reached a record deficit of £6.0 billion. 

In September 2013, exports of goods to countries outside of the EU increased by £0.1 billion to £12.5 billion.  Imports decreased by £0.3 billion to £16.3 billion reflecting a fall in the imports of oil.

Source: Office for National Statistics

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