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Business Enterprise Research and Development - Summary, 2011

Released: 20 November 2012 Download PDF

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Figure 1: R&D expenditure by businesses in the UK

Figure 1: R&D expenditure by businesses in the UK

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In 2011, total business research and development (R&D) expenditure in the UK, in cash terms, increased by 8% to £17.4 billion, compared with 2010. In real terms, R&D expenditure increased by 6% compared to 2010.

Since 1985 there has been a steady increase in R&D expenditure in cash terms. In 2011, £17.4 billion was spent on R&D performed within UK businesses. This is compared with £11.5 billion in 2000 and £5.0 billion in 1985. The 2011 estimate of £17.4 billion is an increase of 8% in cash terms compared with the 2010 estimate (£16.1 billion).

In real terms, the 2011 estimate of £17.4 billion is a 6% increase on the 2010 estimate (£16.4 billion) of expenditure on R&D performed in UK businesses. In real terms the general trend has also been one of an increase in expenditure since 1985 (£6.5 billion increase). 

Other key points from this release are:

  • Defence R&D expenditure increased by 10% in 2011 to £1.8 billion. This was mainly driven by government awarded contracts to UK businesses to develop aircraft, naval ships, submarines and their systems and equipment;

  • Total R&D expenditure represented 1.1% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is in line with previous years;

  • For the first time the ownership of businesses that perform R&D in the UK is split equally between foreign and UK owned companies.

Source: Office for National Statistics

Background notes

  1. This is the latest in a series of annual releases about expenditure and employment in R&D by UK businesses. The results are in respect of 2011. The source of the information is the Business Enterprise Research and Development (BERD) survey. A quality report (126.8 Kb Pdf) for the BERD is available on the ONS website.

    This release reported business R&D performed in the UK irrespective of the residence of the ultimate owner. Overseas activities of affiliates of UK businesses are not included. Gross expenditure of R&D in the UK performed by all sectors of the economy (137 Kb Pdf) , commonly referred to as GERD, is reported separately.

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    Date of next Business Enterprise Research and Development publication: November 2013.

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