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Summary of Producer Price Inflation, May 2013

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Figure A: Output prices

Figure A: Output prices
Source: Index Numbers of Producer Prices (PPI): Provision of Price Information - Office for National Statistics

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Output price 'factory gate' annual inflation for all manufactured products rose 1.2% in the year to May, compared with a rise of 0.9% in the year to April.

Month on month the output price measure for all manufactured products was unchanged between April and May, compared with a fall of 0.2% between March and April.

The 'narrow' output price measure, which leaves out volatile sectors, rose 0.8% in the year to May, up from a rise of 0.7% in the year to April.

Figure D: Input prices (materials & fuel) manufacturing industry

Figure D: Input prices (materials & fuel) manufacturing industry
Source: Index Numbers of Producer Prices (PPI): Provision of Price Information - Office for National Statistics

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Input price annual inflation rose 2.2% in the year to May, compared with a fall of 0.1% in the year to April.

Month on month, the input price measure of UK manufacturers’ materials and fuels fell 0.3% between April and May, compared with a fall of 2.3% between March and April.

The ‘narrow’ input price measure rose 1.9% in the year to May. In seasonally adjusted terms there was a fall of 0.1% between April and May.

Source: Office for National Statistics

Background notes

  1. Producer Price Indices monitor the price changes of goods bought and sold by UK manufacturers. Input prices are prices of materials and fuels bought and output prices, also known as ‘factory gate prices’, are prices at which goods are sold.

  2. As well as output and input price indices, results are shown for ‘narrow’ indices, which are a subset which exclude more seasonal and erratic items (food, drink, tobacco and petroleum).

  3. The figures shown are not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified.

  4. Details of the policy governing the release of new data are available by visiting or from the Media Relations Office email:

    The United Kingdom Statistics Authority has designated these statistics as National Statistics, in accordance with the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 and signifying compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

    Designation can be broadly interpreted to mean that the statistics:

    • meet identified user needs;
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    • are produced according to sound methods; and
    • are managed impartially and objectively in the public interest.

    Once statistics have been designated as National Statistics it is a statutory requirement that the Code of Practice shall continue to be observed.

Further information

Producer Price Index (PPI) User Guidance and Methodology - Collection of documents containing guidance on Producer Price Index (PPI) statistics

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