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Summary: Chapter 12 - Pension Trends, 2012 Edition

Released: 24 October 2012 Download PDF

Proportion of pensioner households with pension income: by annual payments received, 2010/11

United Kingdom, percentages

Proportion of pensioner households with pension income
Source: Family Resources Survey - Work and Pensions


  1. State benefit income (state pensions and related benefits) plus private pension income.
  2. There is considerable variability in these estimates over time, so they should be treated with caution.

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In 2010/11, 6.7 million pensioner households received state benefit income (including state pension); 4.8 million were in receipt of private pension income.

45 per cent of single pensioners had total pension income (private pension and state benefit income) of under £15,000 per annum in 2010/11. For pensioner couples, 27 per cent had a total pension income of less than £15,000.

Source: Office for National Statistics

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Further information

Pension Trends - Chapter 12: Household Pension Resources, 2012 Edition - Resources from private pension savings and state benefit income (including state pension). Includes the value of the pension resources of pensioner households in the UK and, in particular, the distribution of these resources. The analyses also give breakdowns by age band and annual payments received. Comparisons between single male and female pensioners are made, as well as with pensioner couples.

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