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Dataset details: United Kingdom Economic Accounts, Q2 2012This product is designated as National Statistics

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Notification of Data Correction: 23 November 2012

As part of the Gross Fixed Capital Formation post production quality assurance process, errors have been identified in the Gross Fixed Capital Formation series. The following publications and associated time series have now been corrected:

Quarterly National Accounts - 2012 Quarter 1 and Quarter 2,

United Kingdom Economic Accounts - 2012 Quarter 1 and Quarter 2,

Business Investment - 2012 Quarter 1 and Quarter 2.

Chapter 9 and Table 8.4 of the 2012 edition of the Blue Book is currently inconsistent with these publications. Further quality assurance work is ongoing and a correction to the relevant Blue Book tables will be published as soon as possible.

For the United Kindom Economic Accounts, Q2 2012, published on 27 September 2012, the affected series and associated growth rates are in Table A8.

Table A8 - the time periods and series affected are:

  • Annual 1997 to 2010 - GGAE, KLQ4

  • Quarterly 1997 to 2010 - GGAE

  • Annually and quarterly 2004 - KLQ6, KLQ2, DFDK, EQEC, KLQ7, KLQ3, TLPX, TLPW, EQED, TLPK, NPEN, EQDN, KLQ8, KLQ4, DLWJ, DLWM, DFDV, DLWQ, EQDT, NPEL, DLWF, KLQ9, KLQ5, DLWL, DLWO, DFEG, DLWT, EQDO, KO28, KO2B, KH7X, KH7W, KG6V, KO29, KO2C, KG73, KG72, KH83, KH82, KG6Z, KG75, KO2A, KO2D, KG7B, KG7A, KH87, KH86, KG79, KG7M, KH92, KO2E, KO2H, KH95, KH96, KH8Y, KH97, KH98, KG7P, KH9C, KO2F, KO2I, KH9F, KH9G, KH9A, KH9H, KH9I, KG7S, KH9M, KO2G, KO2J, KH9P, KH9Q, KH9K, KH9R, KH9S.

For further information on these corrections contact:

No other series are affected and these errors have now been corrected.

ONS apologise for any inconvenience.

Time series dataset for the United Kingdom Economic Accounts.

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