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UK tobacco and alcohol prices above EU average but food prices remain around par

Released: 21 June 2013 Download PDF

Tobacco prices in the UK were 94% above the EU27 average in 2012, with only Norway (170% above) and Ireland (99% above) being more expensive, according to new figures recorded by ONS and published today by Eurostat as part of a price survey on food, beverages and tobacco.

Alcohol prices in the UK were 43% above the EU27 average, with Norway the most expensive (188% above the average) and Macedonia the cheapest (35% below the average).

Overall food and non-alcoholic beverages prices in the UK were only 4% above the EU27 average with, again, Norway seeing the highest prices (86% above) and Macedonia seeing the lowest (42% below).

However, the UK was 11% below the EU27 average for bread and cereal prices, with Norway (83% above) and Macedonia (46% below) again being most and least expensive respectively.

Meat costs in the UK were exactly in line with the EU27 average with Switzerland (121% above) being the most expensive and Albania (48% below) being least expensive.

Milk, cheese and egg prices in the UK were 7% above the average, with Norway being the most expensive (114% above) and Poland being the least expensive (37% below).

Background notes

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  3. The price survey on food, beverages, and tobacco was conducted in 2012 and forms an important component of the Eurostat-OECD Purchasing Power Parities Programme. The survey covered a total of 500 comparable products enabling all participating countries of the programme to price a sufficient and representative number of products for their consumption pattern.
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