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National Accounts changes: further detail of the impact on real expenditure components of GDP

Released: 12 August 2014 Download PDF

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has today published an article setting out further detail of the impact of previously announced National Accounts changes on the expenditure components of GDP. These changes will be introduced in the 2014 Blue Book.

Today’s figures show real GDP growths are slightly changed from those published on 30 June 2014 following further quality assurance work but these changes do not alter the overall picture previously presented.

Average annual growth in real GDP over the period 1998 to 2009 is unrevised from the currently published estimates. Revisions to individual annual growth rates for real GDP over the period 1998 to 2009 range from -0.9 percentage points to +0.9 percentage points.

ONS Chief Economic Adviser Joe Grice said:

“Today’s figures give more information about how the picture of the UK economy is likely to change, following the introduction of the planned improvements.

“These improvements are part of an international agenda, which will ensure ONS continues to measure the UK’s changing economy to a high standard."

Today’s release is the latest of a series of articles detailing the Blue Book changes which will be introduced. The previous articles are detailed below:

• The overall package of improvements was described on 28 April
• Articles on 29 May described the impact on current price GDP from those improvements not related to new international standards (‘ESA 2010’, for short)
• Articles were published on 10 June giving estimates of the impact on the level of current price GDP from the improvements due to the implementation of ESA 2010
• On 30 June, articles described the impact of the changes on annual growth in the headline measure of GDP over the period 1997 to 2009
• An article on 9 July detailed the impact of the changes on the Sector & Financial Accounts, as well as an article comparing the impact of the UK’s national accounts changes with those being implemented in other countries
• On 23 July an article was published giving details of the impacts of the changes on the expenditure and income components of GDP

Annual figures for 2010 to 2012 GDP on a current price basis and quarterly figures for 1997 to 2012 on a real GDP basis will be published on 3 September.


Background notes

  1. The full article giving further detail of the impact of ESA 1995 and ESA 2010 changes on the expenditure component of GDP is available here:
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