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Annual growth of 1.3% in average weekly earnings including bonuses

The latest average weekly earnings figures

Average weekly earnings excluding bonus payments rose by 0.9% comparing Feb - Apr 2013 with the same period a year earlier. In cash terms, average weekly earnings excluding bonus payments were £447 in April 2013, before taxes and other deductions from gross pay; this is up from £441 a year earlier.

Including bonus payments the average weekly wage rose by 1.3% comparing Feb - Apr 2013 with the same period a year earlier. At £484 in April 2013, average weekly wages including bonus payments were £16 higher when compared with April 2012.

Annual growth in wages excluding bonuses remains positive but continues to be low

Earnings growth, both including and excluding bonuses, has generally been positive. In other words, pay has been increasing year on year since 2000. Since 2008, the rate of increase in average earnings has slowed. Average pay has still been increasing, but at a slower rate. The one exception to this is that pay growth including bonuses was negative in early 2009; in other words, pay in early 2009 was lower than a year ago. This was during the 2008/09 recession, when there was a large dip in bonus payments.

Earnings measures money paid to employees in return for work done, before tax and other deductions from pay. The estimates relate to Great Britain and include salaries but not unearned income, benefits in kind or arrears of pay. As well as pay settlements, the estimates reflect bonuses (where included), changes in the number of paid hours worked and the impact of employees paid at different rates joining and leaving individual businesses. The estimates also reflect changes in the overall structure of the workforce; for example, fewer low paid jobs in the economy would have an upward effect on the earnings growth rate.


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