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Index of Production - Pre-release access, August 2013

The phrase 'Pre-release Access' refers to the practice whereby official statistics in their final form, and any accompanying written commentary, are made available to an eligible person in advance of their publication. The rules and principles which govern pre-release access are featured within the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order 2008.

Besides ONS staff, the following persons are given pre-release access by the period indicated before release.

Access Granted To                                      Organisation/Period

Permanent Secretary to the Treasury         HM Treasury 24 hrs

Chancellor of the Exchequer                     HM Treasury 24 hrs

Treasury Briefing Coordinator                   HM Treasury 24 hrs

Chief Secretary to the Treasury                HM Treasury 24 hrs

Governor                                               Bank of England 24 hrs

Secretary of State                                  Department for Business, Innovation & Skills 24 hrs

Treasury Official Clearing Briefing             HM Treasury 24 hrs

Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury          HM Treasury 24 hrs

Financial Secretary to the Treasury            HM Treasury 24 hrs

Economic Secretary to the Treasury           HM Treasury 24 hrs

Official ‐ Governor's Office                        Bank of England 24 hrs

Official ‐ Governor's Office                        Bank of England 24 hrs

Official ‐ Governor's Office                         Bank of England 24 hrs

Treasury Briefing Coordinator                     HM Treasury 24 hrs

Treasury Official Preparing Briefing             HM Treasury 24 hrs

Briefing Clearance Economist                     Department for Business, Innovation & Skills 24 hrs

Briefing Clearance Statistician                    Department for Business, Innovation & Skills 24 hrs

PS to Prime Minister                                  10 Downing Street 24 hrs

Permanent Secretary                                 10 Downing Street 24 hrs

Parliamentary Clerk                                   10 Downing Street 24 hrs

PS to Chief Secretary to the Treasury            HM Treasury 24 hrs

PS to Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury     HM Treasury 24 hrs

PS to Financial Secretary to the Treasury       HM Treasury 24 hrs

PS to Governor                                          Bank of England 24 hrs

Assistant PS to Governor                             Bank of England 24 hrs

Prime Minister                                            10 Downing Street 24 hrs

Senior Policy Adviser                                   10 Downing Street 24 hrs

Cabinet Secretary                                        Cabinet Office 24 hrs

Minister for Business and Enterprise               Department for Business, Innovation & Skills 24 hrs

Special Adviser                                            Department for Business, Innovation & Skills 24 hrs

Briefing Preparation Economist                       Department for Business, Innovation & Skills 24 hrs

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