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Release: Mergers and Acquisitions involving UK companies, Q4 2012

Released: 05 March 2013 Next edition: 04 June 2013
  • The values of inward, outward and domestic acquisitions all decreased in Q4 2012 compared with the previous quarter.

  • Expenditure on acquisitions abroad by UK companies (outward acquisitions) decreased to £1.3 billion in Q4 2012 from £8.2 billion in the previous quarter. For 2012 as a whole the total value of outward acquisitions was £16.4 billion, down from £50.2 billion in 2011 and similar to the levels seen in 2009 and 2010.

  • The value of acquisitions in the UK by foreign companies (inward acquisitions) was £1.6 billion in Q4 2012, falling from £8.2 billion in Q3. In 2012, the annual value for inward acquisitions was £16.7 billion, the lowest value reported since 2003 (£9.3 billion).

  • Mergers and acquisitions between UK companies (domestic M&A) in Q4 2012 was £0.6 billion, on a par with the value reported in the previous quarter. For 2012 overall, the total value of domestic acquisitions fell to £3.3 billion, its lowest level since 1983 (current price basis).

Latest data on domestic and overseas acquisitions and mergers.

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