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Summary of Mergers and Acquisitions

Latest quarterly release of Mergers and Acquisitions involving UK companies.

  • The number of acquisitions and disposals involving UK companies continued on a downward trend in Q1 2013, falling from 154 transactions in Q1 2012 to 60 in Q1 2013, a decrease of 94 deals.

  • Domestic mergers and acquisitions between UK companies were valued at £1.0 billion in Q1 2013, an increase of approximately £0.3 billion on the previous quarter. However, the number of transactions decreased from 61 in Q4 2012 to 24 in Q1 2013.

  • Inward acquisitions by foreign companies increased slightly from £2.0 billion in Q4 2012 to £3.2 billion in Q1 2013. The number of transactions fell from 23 in Q4 2012 to 12 in Q1 2013.

  • The value of acquisitions abroad by UK companies (outward acquisitions) fell from £2.7 billion in Q4 2012 to £0.7 billion in Q1 2013. The number of transactions also decreased from 35 in Q4 2012 to 14 in Q1 2013.


This statistical bulletin provides estimates of the value and numbers of mergers, acquisitions and disposals involving UK companies with values of £1.0 million or more. The information provided reflects solely the change in majority ownership (ordinary shares).

These estimates are used to enhance the Foreign Direct Investment survey and to update company profiles on the Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR).

Only transactions which result in a change of ultimate control of the target company are included. In the text that follows, figures relating to mergers are included within acquisitions. The values of transactions involving UK companies within this publication are on a current price basis. 

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