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International Compendium: Data Catalogue (Population)

This is a data catalogue for the International Compendium, Population Theme



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Satisfaction with family life

EU level comparison of satisfaction with family life.

Source: Eurofound, European Quality of Life Survey 2007

Measuring National Well-being, summary of proposed domains and measures

Fully Comparable for EU member states


Urban Audit IV - United Kingdom Cities Compared with European Cities

This short article explores a variety of different data for 12 large cities in the UK compared with a selection of other European cities. It is designed to highlight the variety of data on offer through the Urban Audit IV data source and to explore some aspects of the quality of life experienced in these cities. Data for UK cities are published alongside this article. The Urban Audit is a European Commission sponsored project to provide reliable and comparative information on selected urban areas, described as cities.

Urban audit, UK cities compared with other European cities, March 2012

Fully Comparable for selected cities


Cancer Survival Rates

International cancer survival rate comparison

Cancer survival rates

Partially comparable – selected countries included


Migration Statistics

Quarterly summary of migration trends, including links to new data from ONS, DWP, the Home Office and NRS. Data associated with this report include; provisional Long-Term International Migration (LTIM) and provisional International Passenger Survey (IPS) estimates of long term international migration, National Insurance number allocations to adult overseas nationals and control of immigration data. Other data released alongside the report include; population by country of birth and nationality and interregional migration.

Migration Statistics Quarterly Report

Fully Comparable


EU citizenship - statistics on cross-border activities

Statistics on foeigners in the EU, EU residents travelling abroad and cross border e-commerce.

Eurostat EU citizenship - statistics on cross-border activities

Fully Comparable for EU Member States


Migration and migrant population statistics

EU statistics on international migration, population stocks of national and foreign (non-national) citizens and the acquisition of citizenship.

Eurostat migration and migrant population statistics

Fully Comparable for EU member states


OECD International Migration Policies and Data

OECD policy documents and databases covering stocks and flows of immigrants (2000-2011) and Labour Market outcomes of immigrants (2008-2012)

OECD International migration

Fully Comparable for OECD Member States



Measuring National Well-being: Domains and Measures – 2013

Various sources including Eurofound, European Quality of Life Survey

Measuring national well-being, domains and measures, September 2013

Fully Comparable for EU member states


Education statistics

This statistical article presents data on European Union (EU) education and training systems between 2000 and 2009, covering the period from children's start at school until they leave as young adults.

Eurostat Education statistics

Fully Comparable for EU member states


Housing Statistics

Overview of recent statistics on housing in the European Union (EU) and EFTA countries, focusing on dwelling types, tenure status (owning or renting a property), housing quality and affordability.

Eurostat Housing statistics

Fully Comparable for EU member states


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