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Release: Annual Report on Government Statistical Surveys, 2010/11 Annual Report on Government Statistical Surveys of Businesses and Local Authorities

Released: 23 January 2012

Categories: Government, Central and Local Government, Government Research and Development

Frequency of release: Annually

Language: English

Geographical coverage: UK

Geographical breakdown: Other

  • Overall, in 2010/11, there was an increase in the burden of statistical surveys of 2.9 per cent (in constant price terms) compared with the previous year.

  • This increase is mainly due to better accounting systems which provide more accurate information on times taken to complete questionnaires; it does not reflect an actual increase in time taken by respondents.

This report is the latest in an annual series providing a picture of surveys of businesses and local authorities conducted across government.

It aims to help users and data providers judge the effectiveness of government efforts to minimise the costs of complying with government surveys while maintaining a system of reliable and accurate statistics.

Content from the Office for National Statistics.
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