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The likelihood of becoming a victim of crime

Findings from the 2012/13 Crime Survey for England and Wales

Findings from the 2012/13 Crime Survey for England and Wales indicated that 5 out of every 100 adults aged 16 and over experienced a crime against the person in the previous 12 months (5.2%), while 14 out of every 100 households  experienced some type of household crime covered by the survey (14.4%). These prevalence rates were substantially lower than those measured by the CSEW in the mid-1990s.

Prevalence rates for crime vary by crime type, with vandalism and vehicle related theft both having the highest prevalence rate for household crime; around 5 in every 100 households. Violence which includes wounding, assault with minor injury, assault without injury, and robbery has the highest prevalence rate of personal crimes at around 3 in every 100 people (2.6%).

The likelihood of being a victim of crime decreases with age with a much higher proportion of adults aged 16-24 reporting they had been a victim of personal crime (11.7%) than other age groups, particularly those aged 75 and over (1.3%).


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