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Crime Statistics - Pre-release access, period ending March 2013

The phrase 'Pre-release Access' refers to the practice whereby official statistics in their final form, and any accompanying written commentary, are made available to an eligible person in advance of their publication. The rules and principles which govern pre-release access are featured within the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order 2008.

Besides ONS staff, the following persons are given pre-release access by the period indicated before release.


Access granted to Organisation Period
Prime Minister
PS/Prime Minister
PPS/Prime Minister
10 Downing Street 24 hours
Home Secretary
Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice
Minister of State for Crime Prevention
Special Adviser to Minister of State for Crime Prevention
Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Lords Minister and Minister of State for Criminal Information
Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Security
Permanent Secretary
Special advisers x3
Director of Ministerial Strategy Unit
Director General, Crime and Policing Group
Chief Statistician & Head of Profession for Statistics
Chief Press Officer for Policing and Security desk and Crime and Community Safety desk
Deputy Head of News, Press Office
Senior Information Officer, Press Office
Director of Crime Directorate
Head of unit, Crime Reduction Hub
Anti-social Behaviour team
Crime Strategy and statistics policy
Head of Unit and Interpersonal Violence team, Violent and Youth Crime Prevention Unit
Alcohol Strategy Programme Manager, Drugs and Alcohol Unit
Head of Drug Strategy Delivery Team, Drugs and Alcohol Unit
Fraud Policy Lead, Organised and Financial Crime Unit
Head of Police Transparency Unit
Head of Police Productivity Unit
Home Office 24 hours
Chief Statistician
Head of Fairness and Confidence Unit
Ministry of Justice 24 hours
Economic and Domestic Affairs Secretariat Cabinet Office 24 hours
HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary
Head of Performance
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary 24 hours
National Policing lead for Performance Management Business Area
National Policing lead for crime
National Policing lead for Crime business area
Senior Press Officer
Association of Chief Police Officers 24 hours
APCC Policy Lead
Chief Executive
Press Officer
Association of Police and Crime Commissioners 24 hours
Minister for Local Government and Communities
First Minister
Minister for Finance and Leader of the House
Permanent Secretary
Policy and briefing unit
Head of Policing, Crime & Community Safety
Statistical Directorate
Senior Press Officer
Welsh Government 24 hours
Secretary of State for Wales
PUSS for Wales
Head of Policy Briefing
Head of Policy
Welsh Office 24 hours
Chief Constable
Nominated Contact
Police Force areas (44) 24 hours
In addition to the above, to allow the inclusion of the latest National Statistics in the quarterly update of the 'Compare Your Area' tool (hosted on the website) to be published shortly after the release of the National Statistics, pre-release access was granted to the following Home Office analysts:
Compare Your Area Production Team (x2)
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