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Output in the Construction Industry, January 2013

Released: 08 March 2013 Download PDF

Construction Output (constant (2005) prices, non-seasonally adjusted)

Construction Output
Source: Construction: Output & Employment - Office for National Statistics

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In non-seasonally adjusted constant (2005) prices the total volume of construction output in January 2013 was estimated to have been 7.9% lower than in January 2012.

Comparing the three months from November 2012 to January 2013 with the same three months one year earlier (constant (2005) prices non-seasonally adjusted) we see that:

  • The volume of construction output decreased by 10.2%. New work decreased by 12.7% and repair and maintenance by 5.3%.

  • The largest contributor to the decline in output was the private commercial sector which fell by 14.5%. This is the largest sector, contributing approximately 22% to total output.

  • The volume of infrastructure work decreased by 8.9%, continuing the decline seen in the last two months.

  • New public non–housing decreased by 23.5%.

  • Public housing decreased by 20.4%. This sector is relatively small, contributing approximately 3% to total construction output.

  • The only sectors to show growth in this period were new private industrial which increased by 4.8% and public housing repair and maintenance which increased by 2.9%.

Table 10 of the data tables (796 Kb Excel sheet) (current price non-seasonally adjusted, by size band) indicates that 42% of construction output was carried out by businesses with registered employment of over 100 or registered turnover greater than £60 million.

Source: Office for National Statistics

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Further information

Output in the Construction Industry, December and Q4 2012 - Construction output is a monthly series of the output of the construction industry in both the private and public sectors. Current and constant price not seasonally adjusted data by sector are published along with a quarterly series of constant price seasonally adjusted index data and value data by sector.

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