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Release: UK Business: Activity, Size and Location, 2013

Released: 03 October 2013
  • The number of VAT and /or PAYE businesses is estimated to have risen by 18,000 (0.9%) between March 2012 and March 2013.

  • Companies and public corporations represent 64% of total businesses.

  • The largest industry group is professional, scientific and technical with 16.9% of all registered businesses.

  • London has the largest number of VAT and/or PAYE based enterprises with 17.2% of the UK total.

  • The number of businesses rose over the last couple of years, following a decline since 2008.

This publication is compiled from the Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR) which contains information on VAT traders and PAYE employers in a statistical register. The publication contains tables on local units and enterprises by geography, industry, legal status and employment size band. Additional tables at enterprise level provide information by age of business and turnover size band.

UK Business: Activity, Size and Location is compiled from the Inter Departmental Business Register and metadata about the publication is available (85.5 Kb Pdf) .

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