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Key Publications

News Release: Census gives insights into characteristics of the population in Wales 11-Dec-2012
Characteristics of the Wales population at national and local authority level are published today from the latest findings of the 2011 Census in England and Wales, conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Article: Region and Country Profiles - Directory of Tables 19-Dec-2013
A list of data tables included in all the latest Region and Country Profile releases. It includes hyperlinks to each file.
Summary: Wales had one of the oldest populations in the UK in 2012 17-Oct-2013
The latest ONS Region and Country Profiles analysis takes a look at the characteristics of Wales, exploring aspects such as population, age, employment and house prices.

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Latest Publications

  • UK Non-Financial Business Economy, 2012 Regional Results (Annual Business Survey) 23-Jul-2014
    Estimates of the size and growth of the UK Non-Financial Business Economy, based on the local activity of businesses as measured by the Annual Business Survey (ABS), are presented in this release. It is the key resource for understanding the detailed structure, conduct and performance of businesses across the UK at a regional level.
  • Healthy Life Expectancy at birth for Upper Tier Local Authorities: England, 2010-12 18-Jul-2014
    Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE) for males and females at birth for England, Regions and Unitary Authorities, 2010-12
  • Regional Labour Market, July 2014 16-Jul-2014
    Employment, unemployment, inactivity, jobs and the Claimant Count for regions, local authorities and parliamentary constituencies.
  • House Price Index, May 2014 15-Jul-2014
    Mix-adjusted average house prices and house price indices for the UK and its component countries and regions.
  • Regional Economic Indicators, July 2014 08-Jul-2014
    Regional Economic Indicators is an annual article providing an overview of the economic performance of UK regions and countries. The article includes analysis of regional/country data on economic output, productivity, incomes and the labour market. The drivers of regional productivity are also discussed with regional/country data provided covering the topics of innovation, enterprise, competition and skills.
  • Regional Gross Value Added (Income Approach), December 2013 07-Jul-2014
    Official statistics showing annual estimates of regional Gross Value Added (GVA) released on 11th December 2013. This release contains analysis of GVA estimates for NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3 regions.

Key Data

Reference table: Regional Labour Market: HI10 - Headline Indicators for Wales, July 2014 (Excel sheet 2192Kb) 16-Jul-2014
Labour Market indicators for Wales, covering employment, unemployment, Claimant Count, full and part time and temporary workers and jobs.
Reference table: Regional GVA Graphing Tool, 1997-2012 (Excel sheet 219Kb) 11-Dec-2013
A tool allowing the user to graph official estimates of regional Gross Value Added (GVA) released on 11th December 2013.
Reference table: Population Estimates for UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Mid 2012 (ZIP 826Kb) 08-Aug-2013
Estimates of the usual resident population for the UK as at 30 June of the reference year. Provided by administrative area, single year of age and sex.

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