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Response to public consultation on statistical products

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published the outcome of a public consultation on how best to prioritise statistical outputs in response to significant funding pressure. While the majority of the savings will be achieved through efficiencies, up to £1m will come from reducing outputs.

More than 650 responses were received and these have helped ONS to assess which of the 38 statistical outputs included in the consultation were most widely supported. As a result, some 16 high impact outputs mainly in the areas of health and life events will continue. A further 15 outputs will be preserved if alternative funding can be secured. There were 7 outputs found to have lower impact and these will be discontinued from April 2014.                     

Glen Watson, Director General of the Office for National Statistics said: ‘There was a very good response to our consultation, demonstrating the high value placed on ONS outputs by users. The response has clearly indicated those with the widest support. We are working with government departments and other bodies to find alternative funding for a number of other outputs.’

See the full response report for more details.

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