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ONS use of interim contractors

In line with the government's agenda on transparency ONS is publishing its use of interim contractors that were in post on 31 January 2012 and cost the organisation more than £58,200 per year.

This information is as transparent as it can be without identifying any individual, in line with obligations under the Data Protection Act.

Where ONS believes an individual can be identified then it has suppressed part of that individual's information.

The costs to ONS include the total cost for that individual including any agency fees but excluding VAT; ONS makes no additional payments in relation to annual leave, sick leave or pension provision.

ONS continues to review these contracts throughout their lifetime and assesses against the skills requirements of the organisation.  Renewals are considered only when the skills are not available internally and where the requirement is for a temporary period or where there is a skills shortage in the permanent employment market.

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