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Migration figures and Eurostat Yearbook 2010

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UK Net International Migration

Issue date: 17 September 2010
Type: Statement

The latest official estimates of net international migration into the United Kingdom are 196,000 for calendar year 2009 (provisional estimate) and 163,000 for calendar year 2008 (final estimate). The estimates produced by ONS are available at:

Recently, Eurostat published its "Europe in figures - Eurostat Yearbook 2010" which included an estimate of net migration to the UK in 2008 of 226,400.  This estimate was the figure available to Eurostat when the Eurostat Yearbook was being prepared and it is based on the components of change for 2008 assumed for the main 2006-based national population projection for the UK, produced by ONS prior to the availability of more recent international migration data. This estimate is now out of date and the latest published estimate of net migration to the UK in 2008 is correctly shown in the above link as 163,000.

ONS and Eurostat are working together to ensure that the latest data are available online via the Eurostat website.

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