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A Statement from Stephen Penneck, ONS Director General on the new ONS website, which went live on 27 August 2011

Issue date: 19 September 2011
Type: Statement

I apologise for the difficulties a number of people are experiencing in using our new website. We acknowledge that this is not yet giving the service you or we desire.

Please be assured that we are working extremely hard to address the issues that you have been telling us about. We have identified key areas that we are prioritising and dealing with as quickly as possible. For example, an issue that the Excel download conflates monthly, quarterly and annual data will be resolved as soon as possible.

When we have resolved the problems we expect the benefits of the new website, especially improved search and navigation functions, will be more apparent to all.

I am grateful to you for your feedback and hope you will continue to contact us when you have difficulty. Our customer contact centre continues to provide help to users who have difficulty finding items on the website. We are working hard to respond to your concerns and resolve the difficulties as quickly as possible.

Stephen Penneck

Director General

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