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Quarterly National Accounts and UK Economic Accounts Q1 2012 publications

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An error has been discovered in the asset and sector breakdowns of Table F of Quarterly National Accounts and Table A8 of United Kingdom Economic Accounts (UKEA), Q1 2012, originally published on 28 June 2012.

Issue date: 30 July 2012
Type: Statement

This error will be corrected on Tuesday 31 July 2012, following the publication of the UK National Accounts - The Blue Book 2012.

This correction does not affect total Gross Fixed Capital Formation.

Additionally, in table A1 of UKEA, the series for gross value added at factor cost and its associated growth rates will also be corrected at this time, the data affected cover the periods from Q1 1997 to Q4 2009.

ONS apologise for any inconvenience.

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