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Total fertility rates by mother's country of birth

Dear sir,

You say that Romanian born women have 'the highest birth rate of any foreign-born parents'  ("Romanians have more babies than any other foreign parents", 5 February 2014). The statistics released show that Romanian-born women living in England and Wales had a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 2.93 in 2011. This is the highest TFR for women born in any EU country, but is much lower than those from many other nations. Indeed, you mention women born in Pakistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh, who all had higher fertility rates. Women born in Libya had the highest fertility rate (fertility is the demographic term for the number of births a woman has) of any group examined in this report, with a TFR of 5.58.

The headline is also misleading, implying that Romanian born women have the most births as a group. In fact the group with the most births in total are women born in Poland, who had 20,495 births in 2011, but a medium-to-low TFR (2.13).

Yours faithfully,

Oliver Dormon,
Senior research officer, Demographic Analysis Unit,
Office for National Statistics,
Segensworth Road,
Hampshire PO15 5RR


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