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Ordering certificates on the Internet: The Times, 16 August 2007

The Times on 14 August 2007 printed a reader's letter complaining that, when ordering a certificate online from a 'government website', he had been told that he would be charged in euros not sterling. Peter D Murphy wrote to point out that, in fact, this was not an official website and orders on the GRO site were charged in sterling.



Mr Schofield (letter, August 14) has unfortunately been misled by the title of the website from which he ordered a birth certificate into thinking that it was a government website.

There are several websites which offer birth, marriage and death certificates. These websites operate a "search and supply" service, but to satisfy their orders they have to purchase certificates from the General Register Office, charging a fee for doing so. Certificates ordered via these websites can usually be obtained more quickly and cheaply direct from the GRO’s own website, and are of course charged for in sterling.

Yours faithfully,

Peter D Murphy,
Director, Registration Division,
General Register Office,
Smedley Hydro,
Trafalgar Road,
Southport PR8 2HH



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