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Older workers: Daily Express, 25 August 2008

An article in the Daily Express suggested that the number of older workers in the economy was falling. The National Statistician wrote to point out that, while this was true of those workers between 50 and the retirement age, this was not the case if all workers over 50 are considered.



You gave the wrong impression of what is happening to older workers as a whole ("Older workers losing jobs in credit crunch", 25 August). It is true that the estimates for April-June show 9,000 fewer workers between 50 and 59 for women/ 64 for men. But this was compensated for by larger increases in the numbers in employment over the retirement age. If all workers aged 50 or more are considered - surely these are the "older workers" in our economy - then there was an increase of 16,000 from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2008 - 9,000 women and 7,000 men.

Yours faithfully,

Karen Dunnell
National Statistician
Office for National Statistics
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