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Latest News

Release date Title Type
25 Jul 2014 Index of Private Housing Rental Prices, April to June 2014
The Index of Private Housing Rental Prices (IPHRP) measures the change in price of property rented by private landlords. The index is published as a series of price indices covering Great Britain, its constituent countries and the English regions.
Statistical bulletin
25 Jul 2014 Index of Services, May 2014
The monthly movements in gross value added for the service industries, which overall account for around 78% of UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Statistical bulletin
25 Jul 2014 Gross Domestic Product Preliminary Estimate, Q2 2014
Preliminary estimate for Gross Domestic Product (GDP) containing constant price Gross Value Added (GVA) data for the UK. Data is available split by industrial sector.
Statistical bulletin
24 Jul 2014 Retail Sales, June 2014
A first estimate of retail sales in value and volume terms, seasonally and non-seasonally adjusted.
Statistical bulletin
24 Jul 2014 Disability-Free Life Expectancy by Upper Tier Local Authority: England 2009-11 and comparison with 2006-08
Comparison of disability-free life expectancy estimates between local authorities in 2009-11 with regional breakdowns by sex, at birth and at age 65. Change over time between 2006-08 and 2009-11 is discussed for both regions and upper tier local authorities.
Statistical bulletin
23 Jul 2014 National Accounts changes: impact on expenditure and income components of GDP
A news release highlighting the effects of upcoming Blue Book changes on the expenditure and income components of GDP
News Release
23 Jul 2014 UK Non-Financial Business Economy, 2012 Regional Results (Annual Business Survey)
Size and growth of the UK Non-Financial Business Economy in 2012, based on local activity of businesses. A key resource for regional business structure and performance.
Statistical bulletin
22 Jul 2014 Public Sector Finances, June 2014
The PSF Statistical Bulletin, is published jointly by ONS and HM Treasury on a monthly basis, and provides the latest available measures for key public sector financial statistics such as Public Sector Current Budget (PSCB), Net Borrowing (PSNB), Net Debt (PSND) and PSND as a percentage of GDP. These key indicators are provided on two bases. One set includes the temporary effects of financial interventions made in response to the financial crisis that began in 2007, such as the establishment of public ownership/control of several major banking groups. An alternative set of indicators, the so-called ‘ex-measures’, excludes the temporary effects of financial interventions.
Statistical bulletin
18 Jul 2014 Healthy Life Expectancy at birth for Upper Tier Local Authorities: England, 2010-12
Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE) for males and females at birth for England, Regions and Unitary Authorities, 2010-12
Statistical bulletin
17 Jul 2014 Crime in England and Wales, Year Ending March 2014
Crime statistics from the Crime Survey for England and Wales and police recorded crime.
Statistical bulletin
16 Jul 2014 Births in England and Wales, 2013
Annual data of live births, fertility rates, percentage of births outside marriage, sex ratio, mean age of mother and country of birth of mother and father.
Statistical bulletin
16 Jul 2014 Deaths Registered in England and Wales, 2013
Annual data on death registrations. Contains death rates, cause of death data by sex and age and death registrations by area of residence and single year of age.
Statistical bulletin
16 Jul 2014 Regional Labour Market, July 2014
Employment, unemployment, inactivity, jobs and the Claimant Count for regions, local authorities and parliamentary constituencies.
Statistical bulletin
16 Jul 2014 UK Labour Market, July 2014
Labour market statistics (including employment, unemployment and economic inactivity) for the United Kingdom.
Statistical bulletin
15 Jul 2014 House Price Index, May 2014
Mix-adjusted average house prices and house price indices for the UK and its component countries and regions.
Statistical bulletin
15 Jul 2014 Producer Price Inflation, June 2014
Input and output index producer price series of materials and fuels purchased and output of manufacturing industry by broad sector.
Statistical bulletin
15 Jul 2014 Consumer Price Inflation, June 2014
CPI, CPIH, RPI and RPIJ inflation price indices for June 2014 - brief description and analysis.
Statistical bulletin
11 Jul 2014 UK Government Expenditure on Science, Engineering and Technology, 2012
Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) expenditure by the UK government includes expenditure by government departments, Research Councils and Higher Education Funding Councils (HEFCs). It also includes the indicative UK contributions to the European Union’s (EU) research and development expenditure.
Statistical bulletin
11 Jul 2014 Output in the Construction Industry, May 2014
Construction output at current price and chained volume measures seasonally adjusted by public and private sector.
Statistical bulletin
10 Jul 2014 UK Trade, May 2014
UK Trade shows the extent of import and export activity and is a key contributor to the overall economic growth in the UK.
Statistical bulletin
10 Jul 2014 Overseas Travel and Tourism, Provisional Results for May 2014
Monthly estimates of completed international visits to and from the UK and earnings and expenditure associated with these visits.
Statistical bulletin
10 Jul 2014 National Survey of Bereaved People (VOICES), 2013
Combined results of the 2013 iteration of the VOICES survey. Findings are presented for the quality of end of life care provided with comparisons with 2011 and 2012 findings.
Statistical bulletin
09 Jul 2014 Profitability of UK Companies, Q1 2014
Net rate of return on capital employed for UK private non-financial corporations (PNFCs) related to their UK operations. Sub-sector data are included covering UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) PNFCs, manufacturing and service companies. Underlying data are provided for the total PNFCs sector and the sub-sectors for gross operating surplus, capital consumption, net operating surplus, and gross and net average capital employed.
Statistical bulletin
09 Jul 2014 National Accounts changes: impact on sector accounts and international comparability
ONS has today published an article setting out the impact of previously announced national accounts changes on the Sector and Financial Accounts.
News Release
08 Jul 2014 Index of Production, May 2014
Constant price seasonally adjusted indices and growth rates for Production and component industries for May 2014
Statistical bulletin

Current and future releases

Release date Title
Today 2011 Census Analysis - Changes in the Older Resident Care Home Population between 2001 and 2011
05 Aug 2014 Weekly Provisional Figures on Deaths Registered in England and Wales - Week Ending 25/07/2014
06 Aug 2014 Index of Production - June 2014
07 Aug 2014 National Accounts Articles - E-commerce: Measuring, Monitoring and Gross Domestic Product
07 Aug 2014 Measuring e-commerce - 2014
07 Aug 2014 Internet Access - Households and Individuals - 2014
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