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How to find Regional Trends on the ONS website


The first 34 editions of Regional Trends were published in printed book form only. A CD of the first 30 years of Regional Trends is available on request from

Regional Trends No. 35 to Regional Trends No. 43 (2000 to 2011)

Tables were included in each volume up to No. 40. They are included in the Chapter files and from No. 36 they are also available as Excel files in the Reference tables.

From Regional Trends No. 41 (2009) the tables were published separately, only online. Originally they were published as Regional Snapshot (which also included some earlier updates published between editions of Regional Trends) and later as Regional Trends Online Tables. On the current website these tables have all been republished as Regional Trends Online Tables:

Regional Trends Online Tables for December 2008 to June 2011

In 2011 ONS replaced all compendium titles, including Regional Trends, by a policy of publishing information on the website, as soon as it is ready. The Regional Trends tables are now published as supporting data for the Region and Country Profiles. These combine the contents of Regional Snapshot on the old ONS website with the Region and Country Profiles from Regional Trends.

Region and Country Profiles is organised into 4 broad topics: Population and Migration, Economy, Social Indicators, and Environment, plus Key Statistics. The Region and Country Profiles - Directory of Tables lists all the tables in the five separate releases. 

Why can’t I find updates of all the tables that were in Regional Trends No. 43, June 2011 Edition?

In future Region and Country Profiles tables will contain about 60 tables to support the Region and Country Profiles, and bring together key UK-wide comparative statistics. This represents a significant reduction from over 150 tables in the Regional Trends Directory of Online Tables. The reduction is in line with the outcome from the ONS consultation on stakeholder requirements for future ONS statistics and priorities following the Spending Review 2010.

When we reviewed the tables to decide which ones to include, we started from the Regional Trends Online June 2010 publication. The attached spreadsheet shows the decisions we took at the time. In the event we only kept the tables in the 'Keep' list; however, since then we have changed some of them and added a few different ones, as they are always kept under review in the light of data availability, usability and topicality. We have also added a few series to the Key Statistics tables that do not appear in the tables in the four topics in Region and Country Profiles. 

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