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Following the successful testing of the link of the 2011 Census to the Longitudinal Study (LS), the new data are available for use by researchers. The LS now contains linked data from all censuses since 1971, and holds data from all five censuses for more than 200,000 members of the study.

Thanks are due to past and present members of the LS Development Team at ONS; to colleagues in various other parts of ONS, especially Census; and to people from other organisations who have played a crucial role in the project, especially staff at the Data Linkage & Extract Service at the Health & Social Care Information Centre in Southport, and staff at the Centre for Longitudinal Study Information & User Support (CeLSIUS) at University College London.

We would also like to thank all the researchers who took part in the beta test phase of the project for their time and efforts. Abstracts describing the ten beta test projects (70.7 Kb Pdf) are available on the ONS website. Preliminary findings from the beta test projects, first presented at a workshop to mark the end of the beta test phase, will be made available on this page shortly.

If you would like to apply to use the LS, please contact the CeLSIUS team at

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