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Index of Services Source data


This page is currently under review as part of the GDP Output Improvement Programme (226.7 Kb Pdf) .

The Index of Services uses a wide variety of different data, from many sources.

Some of the indicators are derived using current price turnover deflated by a suitable price index. Others use direct volume measures that do not need to be deflated and some use other proxies, such as employment numbers.

Some input data are delivered in raw component form, that is, all the lowest level 'building blocks', and assembled within the IoS system.

Others come already 'partially assembled', as aggregates or constant price derivatives, and are input at a later stage in the system.

The input data series that are used to compile the Index of Services are described in this section.

Also, the weighting pattern used to aggregate lower level series to higher levels is shown, represented in parts per thousand of total GDP.

Each of the service sectors explain how its index is measured.

For an explanation of the processes used to compile the IoS from these source data, see the section on Index Construction.

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