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UK and international partnerships for measuring public services

UK partnerships

Partnerships with government

The UK Centre for the Measurement of Government Activity (UKCeMGA) has built partnerships with the government with policy responsibility for the public services we measure, and with wider government including HM Treasury.

Partnerships beyond government

UKCeMGA has built relationships with:

  • the National Audit Office and Audit Commission

  • a number of academic groups, in particular the National Institute for Economic and Social Research Personal Social Servcies Research Unit at the University of Kent, Centre of Health Economics at York University and the ESRC Public Sector Research Programme

International partnerships

UKCeMGA works closely with Eurostat, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the statistical offices of their Member States, to advance the measurement of public services and to strive for greater international comparability.

One contribution to this was the workshop on Measurement of Non-market Output in Education and Health which was held in London on 3-5 October 2006. This was hosted by UKCeMGA, OECD and the Government of Norway.

A Handbook on the Volume Output of Health and Education is being prepared by the OECD in conjunction with UKCeMGA.

OECD held a further workshop on 6-7 June 2007 to discuss the draft chapters of this handbook.

Agenda and papers can be downloaded from this page.

UKCeMGA is also looking for opportunities to collaborate internationally, by carrying out research work and developing methodology. If your organisation is based outside the UK and is interested in a collaboration with UKCeMGA on our area of work, please contact us at .

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