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Background to the UK Centre for the Measurement of Government Activity (UKCeMGA)

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The National Statistician created the UK Centre for the Measurement of Government Activity (UKCeMGA) in July 2005.

It was formed to develop and take forward the work needed to respond to by the recommendations in the Atkinson Review Final Report, Measurement of Government Output and Productivity for the National Accounts.

The key objectives of the work programme of the UK Centre are:

  • to ensure that the measures of key government services in the UK National Accounts are fit for purpose

  • to keep improving these measures, working with government departments, devolved administrations and other stakeholders

  • to conduct rolling reviews of methods of measurement of different public services, ensuring methodology keeps pace with changing circumstances and modes of delivery

  • to continue publishing a regular series of authoritative 'productivity' articles describing the output and productivity performance of he main public services

  • to develop and publish credible and coherent Satellite Accounts (for example, Education and Health)

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