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Detailed principles


National Statistics will inform significant decisions in government, business and the wider community, and in doing so contribute to the quality of national life.


National Statistics will gain public trust by being produced using objective and transparent methods.


National Statistics will be fit for purpose and of high quality.


Access to National Statistics will be fair and open.

Protecting confidentiality

Where data are collected or used for statistical purposes, we guarantee to protect confidentiality.

Balancing the needs of users against the burden on providers

Cost of compliance will be kept to an acceptable level and data collected only when the benefits of a statistical survey exceed the cost to providers.

Enhancement through integration, accumulation and innovation

National Statistics will emphasise coherence and common standards to maximise the value of available statistical and administrative sources.

Efficiency in costs, and fairness in prices

National Statistics will strive to be efficient and to provide value for money in both its costs and its prices.

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