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  • UK Non-Financial Business Economy, 2012 Regional Results (Annual Business Survey) 23-Jul-2014
    Size and growth of the UK Non-Financial Business Economy in 2012, based on local activity of businesses. A key resource for regional business structure and performance.
  • Consumer Trends, Data Tables, Q1 2014: PDF Version 27-Jun-2014
    Consumer Trends Q1 2014 data tables. The estimates published in this workbook are consistent with Blue Book 13.
  • Consumer Trends, Q1 2014 27-Jun-2014
    Household Final Consumption Expenditure (HHFCE) for the UK, the main tables include all expenditure on goods and services by members of UK households
  • UK Non-Financial Business Economy, 2012 Revised Results (Annual Business Survey) 12-Jun-2014
    Estimate of the size and growth of the UK Non-Financial Business Economy for 2012 as measured by the Annual Business Survey (ABS). It is the key resource for understanding the detailed structure, conduct and performance of businesses across the UK
  • Labour Productivity Measures from the ABS, 2008-2012 30-Apr-2014
    Labour productivity estimates at the two, three and four digit disaggregation levels, in current and constant prices, along with estimates of two digit employment costs per hour. Innovations include mapping employee hours estimates to the ABS sample frame, and an experimental application of double deflation.
  • Consumer Trends, Q4 2013 28-Mar-2014
    The Consumer Trends publication presents comprehensive estimates of Household Final Consumption Expenditure (HHFCE), constructed to conform to the European System of Accounts 1995 (ESA 95) Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP)

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