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The Labour Force Survey (LFS) is a survey of the employment circumstances of the UK population.

It is the largest household survey in the UK and provides the official measures of employment and unemployment.

Outputs that use this data

  • Video Summary: Latest on the Labour Market, July 2014 16-Jul-2014
    This video summarises the key messages in the latest labour market release.
  • Infographic: Quality Adjusted Labour Input 11-Jul-2014
    Quality Adjusted Labour Input estimates to 2013. Quality Adjusted Labour Input is a measure of labour input into production which takes into account different skill levels of different types of workers. This infographic presents whole economy results to 2013.
  • Infographic: Labour Productivity Historical Data 01-Jul-2014
    Output measures since 1948. On this measure, Labour Productivity has grown at an average of 2.25% between 1948 and 2013, showing an increasing trend throughout the period. This infographic also shows average productivity growth by sector, productivity across downturns and examines the recent changes in jobs and output.

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  • Measuring Social Capital 18-Jul-2014
    Proposed headline measures of social capital for intended use in policy development and research. Part of the ONS Measuring National Well-being programme. ONS will continue to develop the measures responding to feedback from users and experts.
  • Regional Labour Market, July 2014 16-Jul-2014
    Employment, unemployment, inactivity, jobs and the Claimant Count for regions, local authorities and parliamentary constituencies.
  • Single Month Labour Force Survey Estimates, July 2014 (Not Designated as National Statistics) 16-Jul-2014
    These single month LFS analyses have been produced as a tool to assist in understanding the movements in the published three month average LFS estimates. These estimates are not designated as National Statistics.
  • UK Labour Market, July 2014 16-Jul-2014
    Labour market statistics (including employment, unemployment and economic inactivity) for the United Kingdom.
  • Quality Adjusted Labour Input, Estimates to 2012 and First Estimates to 2013 11-Jul-2014
    Reports results to 2013 for the whole economy, the market sector and a range of sub-aggregates by industry, educational qualifications, age and gender. Industry level estimates are a key component of multi-factor productivity analysis.
  • Sustainable Development Indicators, July 2014 10-Jul-2014
    An overview of progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment. Published alongside the headline and supplementary indicators are assessments of change, both short and long term.

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