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Outputs that use this data

  • Life in the UK March 2014 Infographic 18-Mar-2014
    An infographic showing measures of economy, society and the environment, providing an overview of of well-being in the UK today
  • Do smoking rates vary between more and less advantaged areas? 12-Mar-2014
    No Smoking Day – the quitting challenge in more deprived areas
  • Video Summary: Disability Free Life Expectancy by Area Deprivation: England, 2003-06 and 2007-10 25-Jul-2013
    A video summary of the Statistical bulletin, inequality in disability free life expectancy by area deprivation: England , 2003-06 and 2007-10. The Video summary firstly discusses the relationship between life expectancy and disability free life expectancy. The next slide explains how small areas were grouped by their index of multiple deprivation scores to provide five area groups ranked by their relative deprivation. The disability free life expectancy for males and females at birth and age 65 in the most and least deprived areas is discussed for the two, four year periods 2003-06 and 2007-10. The third slide discusses the general trends seen in life expectancy and disability free life expectancy between 2003-06 and 2007-10 using males at birth as an example. The concept of using the range between the least and most deprived areas to assess inequality is introduced. The final slide considers the range for males and females at birth and at age 65 for 2003-06 and 2007-10 and concludes that inequality is increasing and that it is increasing more rapidly for females than for males.

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  • Measuring National Well-being: Economic Well-being 07-Apr-2014
    ONS sets out a set of seven measures in addition to GDP to assess UK economic well-being, while considering ways in which GDP falls short as such a measure.
  • Measuring National Well-being - Domains and Measures - September 2013 24-Sep-2013
    This article is published as part of the ONS Measuring National Well-being Programme. The programme aims to produce accepted and trusted measures of the well-being of the nation - how the UK as a whole is doing. The article outlines the latest changes to the measures of national well-being and is part of the ongoing refinement of measures.
  • Inequality in Disability-Free Life Expectancy by Area Deprivation: England, 2003–06 and 2007–10 25-Jul-2013
    Estimates of health expectancy by administrative greography and area-based measures of deprivation, using a number of data sources including the census, national surveys, population estimates and death registrations over a range of time periods. These estimates are used to detect geographical inequalities in health expectancy and inequalities between relatively advantaged and disadvantaged populations, which support policy development and monitoring of ineqaulities over time.
  • Measuring National Well-being - Review of domains and measures, 2013 30-May-2013
    This review of domains and measures honours a commitment made in November 2012 in 'Measuring National Well-being: Life in the UK, 2012’ that ONS would ‘review and further refine domains and measures of well-being and the criteria used to select them’.
  • The Economy - International Comparisons, 2011 14-May-2013
    Information on the selected domains and indicators that measure National Well-being. Articles draw together social and economic data from a wide range of government departments and other organisations
  • Measuring National Well-being - Children's well-being, 2013 04-Apr-2013
    The article ‘Measuring National Well-being - Children’s Well-being, 2012’ (ONSa) reported children’s views on some aspects of their lives. This was based on data from the first wave of Understanding Society, the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS).This summary further explores children’s reports of their well-being based on the second wave of the study (UKLS, 2011–12) and provides links to other sources of data about children’s well-being.

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