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  • Intergenerational transmission of disadvantage in the UK & EU 23-Sep-2014
    Examines the extent to which the circumstances children grow up in affect their future life chances. The analysis investigates the relationship between childhood factors, such as parents’ education level and employment status, and educational attainment
  • Disability-Free Life Expectancy by Upper Tier Local Authority: England 2009-11 and comparison with 2006-08 24-Jul-2014
    Comparison of disability-free life expectancy estimates between local authorities in 2009-11 with regional breakdowns by sex, at birth and at age 65. Change over time between 2006-08 and 2009-11 is discussed for both regions and upper tier local authorities.
  • Disability-Free Life Expectancy by Upper Tier Local Authority: England 2008-10 01-May-2014
    Disability-free life expectancy (DFLE) for males and females at birth and age 65 for England, Regions, Counties, Unitary Authorities and London boroughs 2008-10
  • Measuring National Well-being: Economic Well-being 07-Apr-2014
    ONS sets out a set of seven measures in addition to GDP to assess UK economic well-being, while considering ways in which GDP falls short as such a measure.
  • Adult Health in Great Britain, 2012 01-Apr-2014
    This release looks at the prevalence of long-standing illnesses or disabilities (including limiting long-standing illnesses or disabilities).
  • Drinking Habits Amongst Adults, 2012 17-Dec-2013
    The Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN) is an inter-departmental multi-purpose survey carried out by the Office for National Statistics collecting information on a range of topics from people living in private households in Great Britain. This release presents findings from the OPN on the drinking behaviours of adults living in private households in Great Britain during 2012, and some comparisons with earlier years.

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