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  • UK Non-Financial Business Economy, 2012 Regional Results (Annual Business Survey) 23-Jul-2014
    Estimates of the size and growth of the UK Non-Financial Business Economy, based on the local activity of businesses as measured by the Annual Business Survey (ABS), are presented in this release. It is the key resource for understanding the detailed structure, conduct and performance of businesses across the UK at a regional level.
  • Urban Audit - Comparing United Kingdom and European towns and cities, 2010-12 23-Jul-2014
    Urban Audit is a European Commission sponsored project to provide comparable data on urban areas. Urban Audit, 2010- 2012, includes 185 main variables for the UK and further derived figures based on these. More than 800 towns and cities are covered across the EU28, (plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey), 163 of which are in the UK. This article sets out to provide an overview of key variables linked to urban policy themes that are relevant to EU, national and local government.
  • Urban Audit - Perceptions of city life in the United Kingdom and Europe, 2012 23-Jul-2014
    Urban Audit is a European Commission sponsored project to provide comparable data on urban areas. The 2012 Perception Survey, complementary to the quantitative data, interviewed people in 79 cities (of which 6 are in the UK), asking what they think about many issues, including their city’s built environment, cultural facilities, pollution, and safety. This article looks at data for cities to assess how typical or otherwise perceptions in UK cities are compared with other European cities.
  • Measuring National Well-being: Insights across Society, the Economy and the Environment, 2014 22-Jul-2014
    Summarises the outputs from the Measuring National Well-being (MNW) Programme since its launch in November 2010. Highlighting how Programme outputs have contributed to a better understanding of national well-being, domestic and international impacts and identifies future challenges.
  • Public Sector Finances, June 2014 22-Jul-2014
    The PSF Statistical Bulletin, is published jointly by ONS and HM Treasury on a monthly basis, and provides the latest available measures for key public sector financial statistics such as Public Sector Current Budget (PSCB), Net Borrowing (PSNB), Net Debt (PSND) and PSND as a percentage of GDP. These key indicators are provided on two bases. One set includes the temporary effects of financial interventions made in response to the financial crisis that began in 2007, such as the establishment of public ownership/control of several major banking groups. An alternative set of indicators, the so-called ‘ex-measures’, excludes the temporary effects of financial interventions.
  • Maastricht Supplementary Data Tables, Q1 2014 18-Jul-2014
    This document describes the contents of the government finance statistics tables supplied to Eurostat, and is intended as a guide to users of the data. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is required to provide the European statistical agency (Eurostat) with detailed statistical information on government finance statistics, with particular focus on debt and deficit.

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