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The Publication Hub is the first port of call for all those seeking the latest statistics from government departments in the UK. It is the central website for hosting all first releases of National Statistics.

The term National Statistics is an accreditation mark that stands for a range of attributes such as relevance, integrity, quality, accessibility, value for money and freedom from political influence. Data classed as National Statistics provide an up-to-date, comprehensive and meaningful description of the UK's economy and society.

The Publication Hub provides a calendar of statistical releases, which can be viewed in various ways including, release date, topic and providing department. All statistical releases for the current day are listed on the homepage of the site, and these can be accessed when they are available directly through the website, or by subscribing to the RSS news feed.

The Publication Hub also provides links to statistical products and publications that are not classed as National Statistics. It is the only website where you can access past and present statistical releases. In addition, you can find information about when future statistical releases are going to be available.

All statistical releases will continue to be held on departmental websites, along with underlying sources and datasets. As the producers of these statistics, the departments are responsible for their content and accuracy. Further contact details are provided with each statistical release.

The UK Statistics Authority provides guidance on the content and dissemination of releases as part of the Code of Practice, supplemented by additional guidance from the National Statistician.

For now, the content of releases will remain the responsibility of departments. Heads of Profession in each department are responsible for the professional quality of outputs released through the Publication Hub and approve the publication of outputs prior to their release.

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